(Editors Note: Last week FYM's Publicist Nick Codling played the role of an extra in a music video for Wallpaper's latest single, STUPiDFACEDD, this is what he had to say about it. Enjoy!)

When people think of being in a music video, we're pretty sure they think it's just pure glamour (and it is, kinda).  Well, if Papalote Burritos, PBR, and animal masks make the glamour filter then you are indeed correct. FYM spent 5 hours at the Wallpaper video shoot for STUPiDFACEDD last week, which turned into an epic pre-party for a friends birthday.

Being in a music video can be full of downtime, awkwardly looking around,  trying to find someone to talk to. FYM heard the same clip of STUPiDFACEDD a good 50 times, and fortunately enough the song still sounds impressive.

Obviously putting in several hours on set, you inevitably want your shot ending up in the video. Putting a tie on your head like a headband, and rocking the fuck out, never hurts the odds to make that happen.

FYM is confident Wallpaper's new jam will be accompanied by a stellar video, premiering in early 2011. STUPiDFACEDD is out now, so listen below, make your speakers hurt, and blast this back to the futuristic, bass-heavy banger on the streets.




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