This past month (Grammy-Nominated, Capitol Records Recording Artist) Mary Lambert reached out to FYM to design 18x24 lyric posters for two of her songs--- She Keeps Me Warm and I Know Girls (Body Love).

My design concept above for She Keeps Me Warm, was to make this song visually feel like a patriotic statement. I used various weights of the same typeface, as well as color-blocking, and a newsprint texture in the background to make the lyrics speak for themselves.

My second visual interpretation of She Keeps Me Warm, is more straight-forward. I took the tune for what it is... a beautiful love song (as opposed to a political statement). There were two variations of this poster (the other is a light 50's blue). I liked the idea of including her photo and doubling up the lyrics to balance out the design. 

I Know Girls (Body Love), was a very challenging piece to design. The poem itself is around 60 lines of text, and it's also a very intense statement---emotionally uplifting while being brutally honest. For my first interpretation I decided to focus on BOLD color, while creating a modern layout for people to easily read Mary's empowering statement. 

The next, I focused on the spoken word vibe of I Know Girls (Body Love). I wanted to create a graphic that gave off a textbook/notebook feel (including highlighter marks and blacked out lines). This design is my personal favorite, and the detail shows off well when blown up to 18x24.

Up next Mary asked FYM to create a couple t-shirt designs using a line from I Know Girls (Body Love). The layout for the quote was pretty obvious for me. I wanted MORE and BODY to stand out on this shirt. 

For the next design I simply hacked More/Body to add a more dynamic take on the simple layout statement. Find Mary Lambert on tour with Matt Nathanson and Gavin DeGraw this summer. More info HERE. Cheers, FYM. They Live!



Big things are already happening for Kris Orlowski in 2014. The Seattle singer/songwriter just signed a deal with SONGS Music Publishing and has a new full-length record coming out in April. Watch his latest music video for the title track Believer below:

Last month Kris reached out to us about designing a couple t-shirts for him. We wanted to design something that had a classic yet modern feel.

The graphic above was our interpretation of a mountain ladscape/native design vibe. We decided to keep the typography width uniform, and blow out the kerning on Believer -making a big and bold statement on top/balanced with the album title small on the bottom.

For the next design, we wanted to create something that had an old patch feel. We liked the idea of including a reference to Seattle without screaming it... so the latitude and longitude were included on the graphic. We also really liked the idea of playing up the KO in his initials, creating a strong statement capping off the top of the triangle's interior.

Purchase tickets to Kris Orlowski's album release show in April at the Showbox Market HERE. Kris will also be playing a FREE set at the Nordstrom downtown Seattle location this Friday (Valentine's Day) at noon by the piano. To purchase our t-shirt designs click HERE.



As we set sail into 2014, FYM looks back on amazing year of music and memories. We've put together a 13 song playlist covering some of our favorite albums and artists of 2013. Press Play below:

Volcano Choir

Justin Vernon and his Wisconsin buddies got together last winter and recorded the most uplifting/inspiring album of the year. The production, lyrical content, and concept continue to make FYM press play on this record every few days. Watch the Pitchfork live session above to fully understand why Repave is our album of the year. They play the Neptune in Seattle January 25th, purchase tickets HERE.

RayLand Baxter

Nashville's RayLand Baxter released the ashkeLon live EP this 2013. We are so stoked FYM's favorite tune Bad Things by Baxter was finally put out on record. The haunting guitar lick and subject matter deserves to be featured in season 7 of HBO's True Blood.


This is one of our favorite pictures FYM has taken of Pickwick. -This was shot back in 2011 during their in-store with Easy Street Records in Queen Anne. We have be fortunate to design multiple merch items and posters for the band this year, and their 2013 debut Can't Talk Medicine was our most listened to record of the year.

Sean Nelson

Sean Nelson released his first solo album this past year, and it was one of the best records of 2013. This pic was shot at his packed-house album release show we caught live at Neumos this year.

Campfire OK

In January, FYM was fortunate enough to be invited to the Campfire OK When You Have Arrived video shoot. It was a epic day of sledding, and their 2013 sophomore release with the same name (on Fugitive Recordings) will be an album FYM will continue to play in 2014.

Ivan & Alyosha
FYM saw Seattle's Ivan & Alyosha for the first time in early January of 2013 at a private show for the Melodic Caring Project. They have since blown up on the national scene, and their track Be Your Man, is our favorite track off their new album. 

Ravenna Woods

The dark lords of Seattle acoustic-punk came back in 2013 to release a bullish soundtrack to Seattle's 8-month dark period. The Live Alone video posted above, captures their contagious live energy.


The FUCK YOU, WE ONLY PLAY ROCK N' ROLL award of the year definitely goes to Sub Pop Records' Metz. We saw them live this past July for Sub Pop's 25th Anniversary. They blew the Georgetown neighborhood block off the grid.


The REALIST BAND IN COUNTRY award in 2013 definitely goes to Nashville's Birdcloud. They put R. Kelly's new album Black Panties to shame, with sheer filthy old-school cuntry. 

Pacific Gold
Seattle's hymnal remix masters Wayfarer decided to call themselves a new name in 2013 (Pacific Gold). We love their cover of Velvet Underground's I'm Set Free, off their latest EP released this year. 


We did a lot of traveling by plane in 2013. Dawes gave us the perfect 30,000 foot rock soundtrack... +++ They kicked our ass live the third day of Outside Lands in San Francisco last August.

The Head & The Heart

We had the chance to see The Head and the Heart perform new material live in San Francisco a few months ago off of their highly anticipated new record Let's Be Still. After its release in October, we found ourselves watching The Head and the Heart live side-stage at their Deck the Hall Ball Key Arena performance at the beginning of December. 

Paul McCartney

We never imagined seeing Sir Paul McCartney LIVE in our lifetime. FYM is happy to say we were able to see him twice this summer. The first time in Seattle, with the remaining members of Nirvana backing his last few encores. The second was at Outside Lands in San Francisco. Paul's new album features a song called Everybody Out There, including our favorite song lyric of 2013 Do some good before you say goodbye. Cheers, FYM. 



It's been an incredible ride watching Mary Lambert rise to massive success over the past year and a half. Last week she reached out to us to design another show poster for her (and it's one of our favorites).

Mary recently signed to Capitol Records, continues to perform on Macklemore's The Heist world tour, and has a huge solo concert coming up in February (which we created above). Purchase tickets HERE.

FYM wanted to create something very clean and straight-forward for this poster. The hacked triangles together represent an 'M' icon for us. We kept the date and time subtle, as Mary's name alone will stop people on the streets to look more closely at the details. With just a few hints of texture, we focused on making this very modern, playing with white space, typography weights and color theory. We hope you enjoy. Cheers, FYM.



Birdcloud rained its Southern, sexy, warped and wonderful melodies down on my ears and into my beer glass last night.

“Honey, go ask the bartender to put my whisky in the microwave,” Mackenzie requested of the girl standing next to me. She was singing with a sore throat but doing just fine on stage with her bandmate, Jasmin. Gazing at each other over microphones crossed like the blue field of stars on a Confederate Flag, the girls sang about the men they fancied, dogs they buried and bein’ followed by cops even though they ain’t done nothin’ wrong that day.

Being a southern friend transplant settled down in Seattle, I felt just right last night, even though I never set foot in their home town. Still, a small part Seattle was warshed over with sounds that make you wanna go down to the historical Mississippi. There wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t dancing, clapping or singing along with the band.

My dreams were seeded with Birdcloud song all night long and I woke up singin’ their tunes this morning. I can’t think of a better way to have spent a Sunday evening at the Lo-Fi than with those two ladies.

Words: John Kelley • Graphic: Jesse Codling • FYM THEY LIVE!