Two summers ago, FYM's Art Director had one of those magical first listening experiences. It was a Sunday Morning Coming Down type of scenario, with hangover remedy in-hand (a biscuit with cheese from Hardee's), my girl in a different city for the summer (depressed as all hell about it), and the sun peering through my shades, as my driving partner Scottie pressed play.

It started with a rhythmic death march to my skull, steady baseline, and Vincent Cacchione seemingly singing right through me, starting off with the following words:

Both my eyes went black, all the ash inside my blood kept on building because my heart caught fire. If I break my back, if the smoke fills up my lungs, I'll keep howling in a jungle choir. I am an animal, I am an animal, I am an animal,  and I feel like an animal with you. 

It's amazing how the right tune, vulnerable circumstances, and a hungover Sunday morning car ride -with a childhood friend- can break you out of the darkness. It's an example of the true healing powers of music. I immediately went home and purchased the album Soft Black The Earth is Black. Cacchione's record carried me through the rest of the summer, providing artistic inspiration, and easing the issues on my mind. I now had an anthem no one could take away from me. And that is why Soft Black's I am an Animal is forYoungModern's Jam of the Day.

Thanks for being there, Cheers.


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