FYM REWIND: A celebration of movies (we watched repeatedly) that our parents taped on VHS during HBO free preview weekends in the late 80's through the early 90's. forYoungModerns since developed a taste for awesomely bad (but in a good way) campy classics. Most of these movies have long gone out of print or were never published on DVD. But our forgotten favorites have been revitalized with the advent of Netflix Instant Stream Movies!!

THE EXPERTS: A hip late 80's fashion mullet-clad John Travolta teams up with equally stylish Arye Gross as they play a pair of New York nightclub promoters transplanted (unknowingly) by the KGB in Communist Russia's version of the quintessential Leave It To Beaver 1950's America (an agent training camp for Russian spies to adapt to the American way of life).

Travolta and Gross (who think they are in small town Nebraska) expose a time-capsule of late 80's style showing the spies in-training how to be smooth. Classic 'edgy' dancing scenes, dated technology, steamy hairdos, and hot 80's ladies (Kelly Preston) make this campy espionage relic endlessly entertaining.

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Tag Line: 'Two abducted Americans are going to tell the Russians everything they know. Poor Russia'