Cut/Copy's much anticipated new album Zonoscope is due out February 8th in the States. In the mean time they're tiding us over with a hot new single Take Me Over. These Aussies don't have any tour dates released for the States yet, but road support will surely come as the release date of Zonoscope draws closer.

The new tune is so awesome, we had to put this on our playlist (DJ set) during FYM's day after Thanksgiving 'Beat The Leftovers Dinner Dance off' (with all proceeds going to help lonely wallflowers pay for new pairs of dancing shoes). The synthesizers will make you feel like your floating in space during an extraterrestrial dance party. So close your eyes, and imagine the smoke filled interstellar light show that we see when listening to Cut/Copy's latest teaser. (Bonus) Here's the surreal album artwork to get you pumped for the upcoming 2011 release!

Cut Copy - "Take Me Over" (Radio Edit) Premiere

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