(Kanye West released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy this week. The following words are FYM's first impressions after listening to the album) 

Kanye 'can you say Chi-City' West is back with one of the most thoughtful, artistic contributions to hip-hop music since Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter lllThis is Kanye's 5th and possibly strongest most focused album. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a showcase in the sonic maturity/evolution of an artist. West channels the digital intimacy of 808's & Heartbreak, remixing his sound, playing with grime-filled raw (Southside) beats, mixing in his signature pop hooks finding power in the darkness.

Dark Fantasy (the first track) is by far our favorite, most exhilarating tune on the album. The formidable opener is high on theatrics, and breaks in with the sweetest, hypnotic-sex-driven-diamond-encrusted-hip-hop beat FYM has ever heard. Dark Fantasy plays prelude to the spectrum of feeling and sonic prowess West delivers throughout the rest of the release.

(Original Record Art, which iTunes happens to pixelate, even after you download the album) 

Regardless of the portrayal of Kanye's personality in the media. He has given us yet another album that can be explored frequently. You really need to sit down with headphones on and take-in the grime, soul, and dynamic layers that is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Once you have done that, watch the stunning visual story found below:

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