(Nathan Williams of Wavves)

Last night at the Glass House in Pomona, California, FYF, who are mere weeks away from hosting their big bash in downtown Los Angeles, hosted their FYF Summer Night. It was a bit of a preview of the large FYF Fest on September 4, as a few of the bands who played at The Glass House are playing both shows (Wavves, Abe Vigoda, The Growlers).


Headliners Wavves, featuring singer-guitarist Nathan Williams and Jay Reatard's former backing band, played a set that equally favored both new album King of the Beach and 2009's Wavvves. The Pomona youth was no match for the Glass House's security team, as many kids (as well as Wavves' own backstage guests) hit the stage and dove into the crowd from early in the set during the pop punk "King of the Beach" all the way through noise punk closer "No Hope Kids".

(The Growlers)

The Bill Murray-approved group The Growlers can be described as a Western-influenced surfpunkabilly band featuring a genuine frontman in Brooks Nielsen, who looks and sounds like the kind of guy Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons would be if he grew up to be a gloriously sleazy 70's lounge singer. The crowed seemed most interested in The Growlers than any other band the entire evening and for reason as The Growlers are now rapidly increasing in national prominence as they have been in local LA prominence over the last few years.

(Abe Vigoda)

Abe Vigoda is a true Los Angeles local band as they basically play about 8 shows in the southland per week. Their forthcoming album Crush should solidify them as an elite indie band as the addition of electronic percussion and icy synths to the sound of many of the new material they performed at The Glass House could open them up to a wider audience.

FYM had kind of a non-run-in with Abe Vigoda guitarist and Microkorg maestro Juan Velasquez at The Oinkster in Eagle Rock and on Twitter the other day, and then briefly met him face-to-face at The Glass House show. Nice guy!

One-time FYM Jam of the Day and Crush track "Throwing Shade" was a highlight of their set and we captured it on video:

(The Lovely Bad Things)

La Mirada's The Lovely Bad Things seemed about as young as most of the crowd there and they definitely fed off of each other's energy. Besides the energetic quality of their music, their constant swapping of instruments kept things interesting throughout their set and the crowd felt it too, as they seemed to want to hear more after they finished.

As previously mentioned, Wavves, The Growlers, and Abe Vigoda all will be playing FYF Fest on September near downtown LA along with a ton of other excellent bands. Don't miss out:


Anonymous said...

I shot The Lovely Bad Things as well as Crystal Antlers- who were my two favorite bands there. I posted most of the Lovely Bad Thing's set or maybe all of it,I can't remember now and am working to post the Crystal Antlers although the video is almost in the dark. I could not understand why CA wasn't on the main stage????

Search The Lovely Bad Things glass house and you will surely find the concert footage-- !!!

Will Sellers said...

I was really into the Lovely Bad Things. I have a big crush on Lauren from PBT now. And yeah, obviously Crystal Antlers weren't written about because they played down the street, which was strange. Hopefully one day I'll get to write up on them.

Will Sellers said...

LBT* not PBT. I was thinking of MJ's "PYT". Oops.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say search The Lovely Bad Things glass house on Youtube, (it was a long night last night). Anyway, I am looking forward to FYF and capturing a lot of the bands on vid and pics. I am particularly excited about seeing Dead Mans Bones, Let's Wrestle, Man Man, School of seven belts and more-- I am REALLY disappointed that The Lovely Bad Things are not listed- and I hope that changes soon.

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