Los Angelenos Abe Vigoda drop their fourth full-length album, Crush, on September 20. Earlier that month, they will preform at their hometown's FYF Fest on the 4th, along with seemingly every other great band around today.

The group posted one track from Crush on their Myspace page (also listenable just after this paragraph) called "Throwing Shade". The dance-inducing "Throwing Shade" is quite a leap from the noise punk sound of their previous album, 2008's Skeleton. They still manipulate the sounds of their guitars quite a bit, but they also let the song run on top of a simple, steady electronic beat, and some Microkorg synthesizer gives the song unmistakable uniqueness.

Abe Vigoda toured with Vampire Weekend on the latter's Contra tour and have several west coast dates before and just after FYF Fest (including several shows with Cold Cave, Cap'n Jazz, and another FYF Fest-sponsored show at the Glass House in Pomona on August 13 -- more on that last one later).

Stay tuned to FYM for some more info on many of the other FYF Fest 2010 bands.

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