The Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock, lovingly nestled between Silverlake and Pasadena, is quickly becoming a cultural hotspot due to rising rent costs in the Silverlake/Echo Park/Los Feliz areas forcing people further east and also because of intriguing local establishments such as the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, the annual Eagle Rock Music Festival, and dining establishments such as The Oinkster.

Located at 2005 Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock, The Oinkster boasts the best pastrami sandwiches anywhere. And we do mean anywhere. The House Cured Pastrami sandwich is the go-to item of the restaurant, as it's absolutely packed with pastrami and the glorious garlic aioli sauce it comes with is a perfect compliment for the sandwich and/or the fries, but the other offerings (including a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Veggie Burger, and a Reuben) are all phenomenally high quality meals.

The House Cured Pastrami Sandwich combo:

Another excellent item that might have you desiring multiple Oinkster trips in the same day is their Horchata Shake, which, if you love Horchata, is as amazing as it sounds.It's all the appeal of your favorite taqueria's best Horchata drink, but in delicious shake form:

It doesn't even stop at the food, because The Oinkster also has a surprisingly strong selection of beers and wines, with Stone Pale Ale, Arrogant Bastard, and local Eagle Rock Brewery on tap, and bottles of Stone IPA and Levitation, Pinkus Pilsner, and Boddingtons among others. And the kitchen entrance will also let you know that The Oinkster is Guy Fieri-approved, with his tramp stamp right on that door:

The second-to-last time this FYM blogger ate here, Rage Against the Machine singer Zack De La Rocha (seated not far from about a dozen LAPD officers) was also enjoying a sandwich:


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