What has forYoungModerns been up to lately? Designing Campfire OK's next show poster... Yesterday the Seattle band announced their December date at Neumos. We can't wait to hear more tunes LIVE from their yet to be released second full-length album When You Have Arrived!

Last month Campfire OK, known for their unique performances in unorthodox spaces, recently played inside the 6th and Pine windows of the downtown Seattle Nordstrom (kicking off the retailers Seattle Music Project gallery event—which showcased 50 years of photos from the Seattle music scene). Watch Not Young Not Old, from inside the Nordstrom window above.

Catch Mychal Cohen and the rest of CFOK LIVE December 13th, 2012 with the beautiful sonic vibes of special guests Loch Momond. Purchase tickets HERE. AND if you're up for it, visit Los Angeles California U.S.A.—October 23rd as Campfire OK will be showcasing their talents at 'The Hotel Cafe' details HERE. Cheers, FYM.


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