Continuing to ride high levels of critical and commercial success after their masterpiece summer release Nothing is Wrong- Dawes spent time in Seattle Friday night on a date that numerically comes once a century (11.11.11). Los Angeles brother/sister duo -The Belle Brigade started off the evening with an impressive set of fast-paced So Cal foot-thumping. 

Lead vocalists- Barbara (pictured above) and Ethan Gruska (pictured below) shared an incredible stage presence together. Their undeniable connection along with the help of a full backing band, made tracks off The Belle Brigade's self-titled debut album shimmer live. 

Their sound runs the spectrum featuring rocked-up/pop-country crossovers like Rusted Wheel and Belt of Orion -Along with all out free to be you and me anthems like Losers and Where Not to Look for Freedom. It was an incredible introduction to this promising new band -who did a fine job of setting a positive tone for the rest of our evening.

The other set of Los Angeles siblings  to play that night -Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes, were seen roaming around The Neptune Theatre before their performance. Dawes took stage a little after 9:45PM that evening -delivering another unforgettable live show in Seattle (FYM had the chance to see these guys earlier in year at The Moore Theatre).

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Taylor Goldsmith continues to blow us away live with his unyielding passion/storytelling abilities. Playing off the college aged energy (predominately in the audience), the whole band seemed in good spirits- ripping through a choice selection of favorites.

Highlights of the night included Taylor Goldsmith turning his mic around to let the audience finish singing When My Time Comes, and Dawes riffing on a loose, rocked the fuck out version of Peace in the Valley (both off their untouchable 2009 debut North Hills).

Their 2011 release, Nothing is Wrong, is this Art Director's pick for Album of the Year. It's a rare treat to see a band like Dawes operating on such a high-level of exasperating talent live -Their classic sound, vivid storylines, and wise beyond their years musicianship created a perfect storm of sonic enlightenment. (Click the image above to expand detail)

Seattle is definitely no stranger to the organic rhythms of Portland based (Sup Pop band) Blitzen Trapper. They closed out the evening showcasing the very best of their September 2011 release American Goldwing. It was a perfect end to evening we soon won't forget. For bonus photos from the night of all three bands please visit forYoungModerns on Facebook HERE. Cheers, FYM.


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