A new month, a new set of jams! Today we are proud to announce FYM's Late Nite November Top 25 is now live! Visit our featured channel on Cull.TV -Check out our latest collection of Music Videos currently on Heavy Rotation at FYM HQ. It's a playlist best viewed as midnights turn into mornings, for all tomorrow's parties in-mind. We've decided to treat our video channel like a real TV network -recording promo's (like the one below featuring our publicist and SF socialite Jane) along with peppering in campy classic TV commercials every five songs.

For those of you not in the know... Cull.TV is an incredible new website offering a well-designed platform for people to once again enjoy the magic of true music television. The site offers users the opportunity to create their very own music video playlists and share them with friends. Your selections will be viewed in a sleek full-screen format with hidden navigation (left, right, bottom) popping up with a click. In the mood to discover new music the easy way? -Cull.TV also boasts a number of distinct Cull approved feature channels to browse through.

Part of the reason why we love Cull.TV so much is because the site has made it fun to once again seek out new music (playlists breed purpose). During our Late Nite November research FYM came across a buzz-worthy duo from our sister city (San Francisco) called Dominant Legs. The video for their latest single Hoop of Love is a joyous synth-pop journey through SF road-trippin' into the countryside (watch below).

Other new favorites from this month's playlist include Dublin City Ireland's Cheap Freaks rock the fuck out brand of garage fuzz with Caesar The Deceiver, and Brooklyn-based Friends funky anthem I'm His Girl. To view the entire FYM music video playlist click HERE. And be sure to check back throughout the month as we will continue to add our favorite tunes for Young Moderns. Cheers, FYM.

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