Our love affair with the Nashville Skyline continues this week at the FYM Seattle HQ -As we recently discovered another impressive up and coming posse of talent straight out of Music City called Colorfeels. Earlier this year, the group self-released their debut record titled Syzygy (Album Artwork Pictured Directly Below).

The band is yet another example of musicians successfully using the fund-raising platform of Kickstarter.com to achieve their creative financial needs. The album itself is an expansive 12-track exploration of harmonious roots-filled sonic wonderment. It's spaced-out Nashville rock for digital hippies, psych-fans, and folkies alike.  

Syzygy tune for tune takes you on a journey through various levels of vibrant energy rolled seamlessly into one cohesive listening package (It's an album meant to be heard all the way through, and gets better with multiple late-nite listens). The sound is authentic, spacious, and appealing. The album also features a few Pedal Steel guest spots (on a couple songs) by Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket. Listen to Colorfeels latest release Syzygy in its entirety below:

The Colorfeels crew also happen to be pretty impressive web-designers. For more information on the band, be sure to check out their very well designed website- http://www.colorfeels.com/. Our favorite aspect of the site is the mind-bending '360º Colorfield' Photo environment -it's a user friendly interactive space that allows fans to explore the dizzying world of Colorfeels in the woods (with a few hidden easter eggs peppered about). If you live in the Nashville area be sure to check out Colorfeels live this Friday November 4th, 2011 -playing a benefit concert in the 1925 Hall at The Belcourt. Cheers, FYM.

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