There's only been one record quenching our insatiable sonic hunger, buzzing through FYM's speakers over the past week, it's the first release from: Dude York, Gangs of Dude York.

Recorded between the months of February-March 2011, Gangs of Dude York, is a formidable rock offering from a brand new Seattle band destined for big things. The album is an interesting mix of 60-70's garage rock fury, dashed with vibrant vocals, thoughtful lyrics, harvesting an instantly appealing first release.

No band is typically this GOOD right out of the gate. What's really astounding about Dude York- is they've seemingly already done the hard part (that takes other groups years to accomplish) having mastered from the get-go, uncanny musical wisdom, balanced by an unforgiving nostalgic arsenal of influences.

Our favorite tune off the new record is song 3 (on this 11 track offering) called Zombies. From the start this jam grabs the listener with: unspoken yearning felt throughout a loose-riffy guitar showcase, care-free vocal ramblings, and a catchy melody. It's not everyday FYM gets to drop music knowledge about a tremendous new band before the rest of the world knows... so consider yourself warned Dude York LIVES! Check out their Bandcamp page HERE to download Gangs of Dude York FREE.

Cheers, FYM

Words. Graphic. J Thomas Codling.

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