FYM 365: forYoungModerns ONE YEAR LATER

06.01.11- forYoungModerns celebrates our One Year Anniversary!

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago FYM Creator/Art Director Jesse Thomas Codling launched forYoungModerns.com an Art, Music, Culture, stream of consciousness.

FYM was designed as a creative platform for J Thomas, and his friends (predominately) the Los Angeles (extremely talented) writer William K. Sellers, and longtime brother/San Francisco publicist Nick Codling to showcase the things WE dig.

So what does it take to run a successful Lifestyle Website? Things like- talent, passion, friends, an eye for what's good, and most importantly an understanding wife (literally Emily is waiting for me to finish this story so we can go out to dinner).

We hope you have enjoyed our first year of existence. FYM would like to thank all of our contributors/supporters, Boston Beer Guide: Jeff Brew Daddy Preussner, Seattle Fashion Correspondent Edwin Ross III, Emily Codling, Tom & Judy Codling, Brian Fernandes, Melissa G, Johhnie C, Bambi S, Dillon Rego, OurCityLights.org and everyone that has supported forYoungModerns.

(Left to Right: Publicist Nick Codling, Art Director J Thomas Codling, Senior LA Writer Will Sellers)

FYM: As long as THEY LIVE! So shall WE!

Cheers, FYM.

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