MC Zumbi (Zion-I Crew) and friends put on an incredible live show Saturday night at Chop Suey, Seattle.

Spontaneous green pastures of lyrical mastery flowed through MC Zumbi, as he challenged Seattle's Macklemore to a friendly 10min+ battle in front of an energetic group of fans.

Macklemore, (who hosted the night) held his own publicly displaying his verbal talents as he went three rounds with Zumbi.

With encouragement from MC Zumbi, and the party ready passionate crowd, Amplive even came up front to wirelessly stun the crowd, free-styling 808-beats, that would sound ahead of their time in the year 2020.

The Zion-I Crew launched their musical spaceship amping up the crowd with FYM's favorite Coastin'.

FYM's Art Director J. Codling recently designed two t-shirts for Zion-I (freelancing for Yonas Media in San Francisco) which are now in print, and available for purchase online. FYM can definitely relate to the message found on the t-shirt, and in the song.

It was truly a pleasure to witness Bay Area Hip-Hop legends perform with so much energy in such an intimate venue. A sea of bobbing hands could be viewed from stage, with dancing fans grooving to Zion-I Crew's arsenal of dynamic, space-age, sonic chemistry. (Special shout out to Ryan Lewis and Friends for kicking off the night right)

Look for Zion-I to release their new record Atomic Clock (stoked) this November 2010. The guys are also currently working with The Grouch on new material due out March 2011.

But until then, check out the latest joint featuring Zion-I and The Grouch on the Step Up 3-D soundtrack!


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