Free Energy have a new album out called Stuck on Nothing. From the get-go hardcore cowbell rhythms, and dueling (thin lizzy) guitars lay the ground work for an unforgettable refreshing taste of dazzling musical contemplation.

FYM publicist Nick Codling caught these guys at SXSW in Austin earlier this year. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a CASSETTE tape version of Stuck on Nothing! We are definitely impressed with tape nostalgia, and are happy to see Free Energy keeping the non-digital way of sharing music alive!

Free Energy pick up where their previous band Hockey Night left us. Providing thoughtful vintage rockers, prefect for hand claps, broadcasting hope through our speakers. Just as the album is titled, you will find no hang-ups on this release. Free Energy explore perfecting the art of a chant driven chorus, sure to bode well live.

Even in the darkest most stressful times, this album will lift your spirits, making you feel as cool as a 16 year old cutting class to smoke one with his buddies. Orchestral flair can be found peppered throughout the album, and on songs like All I Know.

But good production and sound can only take bands so far. Lyrically Stuck on Nothing is a gem! Irreverence, the rallying of rebellion, and hope are all woven into this record.

Standout Hockey Night revamp Psychic Lightning ends on this note:
"Can you remember how you lived before? 
Was there a time in your life without a war? 
Do you ever think that there might be something more?

You know they're coming alive tonight,
Yeah, they've been preparing and they're ready to fight
The sky is electric, my skin don't feel right
But either way it's going to end all right, well alright!"

The Free Energy crew will be providing positive psych-rockers at the Tractor Tavern September 12th 2010, in Seattle Washington USA. FYM is stoked to see these guys live, and will be covering all things Free Energy throughout the evening!

Band: Free Energy

Album: Stuck on Nothing

Sounds Like: the broadcasting of hope to daydream believers, who stand for burning down the gates of sonic negativity. 


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