(Editors Note: FYM's Boston Beer Connoisseur, Jeff "BrewDaddy" Preussner, is this weeks guest contributor.)

I am so glad my first beer review for FYM is Dogfish Head 90-minute. Not only is there a lot to talk about, but it's probably my favorite beer of all time (FYM AGREES), so lets just start with the facts.

Dogfish Head 90-Minute
Classification: Imperial IPA
IBUs: 90!!!
ABV: 9.0

Similar Brews:
Avery Brewing Co: Maharaja
Green Flash:  Imp IPA
Southern Tier: Unearthly

So what does this all mean? 90-minute is a continuously hopped Imperial IPA, meaning that for a whole 90 minutes the wort is boiling hops continuously, and then dry hopped after cooling to ensure a flavor that is not too bitter. It has a deep amber color to it (I'm guessing about 8-10 SRM). If  you drink it out of a snifter (preferred) you can smell the fusion of hops + malt and REALLY appreciate the work that went into this particular IPA.

The flavor is something that I feel truly sets the 90 apart from other Imp IPAs that I have tasted and brewed. The flavor hits you all at once and is gone a second later (and they're usually quite bitter). Because of the continuous hop additions, and the perfect hop to malt ratio, the 90-Minute flavor tastes the same from beginning to end. A very smooth yet strong hoppiness balanced perfectly by the presence of lots of malt a perfect mixture of bitterness, flavor, and aroma.

At almost $12.00 for a 4 pack the prices are steep but it is worth it (higher alcohol content too)! Give this beer a shot! We guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

The 90-minute was the first in Dogfish Head's family of continuously hopped feats of BEERDOM (freeing America from the chains of pissy-cheap beer). They also offer, the 60-minute which is a bit lighter but with the same well-balanced mixture of hop and malt. The 75 minute, a bit harder to find, cask conditioned mixture of the 60 and the 90 and the 120 minute that is boiled for a full 2 hours. I find it a bit too crazy for my taste buds, but I have never let it sit for the recommended 10 years it takes the flavors to mature…

90-minute is the perfect end to the work day. Drink one, or in my case two. Regardless, pick up a couple four-packs, and enjoy the Best Brew in America with friends.


J. Preussner

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