Our publicist, and San Francisco connection -Nicholas David 'Golden Boy' Codling, picks his Top 5 Artists & Albums of 2011. Read Nick's thoughtful homage to his favorite records below. They Live.

1. Washed Out: Within and Without This could be some of the most relaxing music put out all year. Georgia's own Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out had FYM mesmerized with this gem -Making a georgeous video to give you the visuals of his dreamy tunes sets the perfect tone.

2. Cut Copy: Zonoscope It would be next to impossible to listen to Zonoscope and not get a dance party going. Killing it live with their incredible light show was a definite highlight of our year for concerts. Cut Copy's Dan Whitford acts as a conductor at their shows and he'll convince you from the start. These Australians really know how to get it done.

3. M83: Hurry Up, We're Dreaming With a single so good as Midnight City it's tough to make it much further into this album without having this JAM stuck on repeat. But France's own M83 has filled a two for one album that will leave you hunting to find filler songs. With the brilliant collection of tunes on this record, it's no wonder they've been selling out shows across the entire world this year.

4. Wilco: The Whole Love It's been a while since Wilco has been on our radar... But from the start- their opening song Art of Almost, takes the listener on an incredibly well-rounded return to form. Rightfully so, The Whole Love has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album.  Let's hope these Midwest hereos get their long overdue recognition!

5. Black Keys: El Camino We're not really sure when The Black Keys take a break, but it's a great problem for a fan to have. Their first single Lonely Boy makes FYM remember those long nights at dive bars in Tennessee drinking whiskey, and drity dancing with the local waitress. They've got plenty more ammunition up their sleeve with sweet slide guitar licks in Run Right Back. 2012 is going to be good to this Ohio duo.


1. Wallpaper: #STUPiDFACEDD It's a surreal feeling to see a college friend show up on MTV while you're watching your favorite reality show Jersey Show (don't tell anyone, okay? --not necessarily all of FYM likes this show). Bay Area's own Wallpaper. has packed this EP with club/dorm/car banging hits, and some clever ass lyrics "I'm blacked out sleep walking, on a quest for god at my friend's apartment" that anyone can relate to during those late night, 3-day drunk marathons.

2. Lana Del Rey: Video Games Internet sensation, Lana Del Rey cock-teased us in 2011 with this two song EP (plus remixes). Featuring the pop-culturally beautiful Video Games, her smokin' vocals reel us in and we can't turn back. Get ready for her full-length album Born To Die due out on January 27th. Until then FYM will be building a shrine in her honor, and getting ready for those West Coast tour dates.

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