FYM HQ: Art Director J Thomas Codling picks his favorite releases of 2011. The following list represents the bands and tunes that inspired his afternoons, haunted his nights, and relentlessly rocked FYM's Seattle HQ speakers throughout the year. Click each artists highlighted name for more information on their music. And be sure to check back soon for more picks and perspectives from our L.A. and S.F. Crews. Cheers, FYM

1. Birdcloud: Birdcloud Raw, witty, balanced and beautiful. Nashville's Birdcloud is everything country music should be in 2011. Their self-titled release features instant classic's like Warshin My Big Ol Pussy, Bandit, and Do What I Want To (as seen below).

Makenzie Green and Jasmin Kaset's harmonious vocal connection will dominate your heart throughout this filthy 7-track barn burner. Their bold lyrics will undoubtedly offend those that need to be offended, while others (like us) find their frank honest take on the world to be well-crafted, punk as fuck, countrified brilliance.

2. Pickwick: Myths Pickwick took us by storm this year with their vibrant soulful sound. Myths may only be six songs, but start to finish -there isn't another collection of tunes we repeatedly listened to more of in 2011. With an instantly likeable vocal presence and sharp indie-soul charisma, frontman Galen Disston commands your attention as Pickwick's tight rhythm section makes your jaw drop to the floor.

3. Dawes: Nothing is Wrong 2011 also brought the triumphant sophomore release from Dawes, Nothing is Wrong comes doused full of sonic nostalgia featuring: prolific lyrical insight into the human-condition. This stunning album is a collection of 11 wise beyond their years West Coast narratives, focused in the art of embracing thoughtful melody. Listen to Coming Back to a Man below:

4. Dude York: Gangs of Dude York The first of three releases this year, recorded between the months of February-March 2011, Gangs of Dude York, is a formidable rock offering from a brand new Seattle band destined for big things. The album is an interesting mix of garage rock fury, dashed with vibrant vocals, engaging lyrics, harvesting an instantly appealing first release. What's really astounding about Dude York- is they've seemingly mastered from the get-go, uncanny musical wisdom balanced by an unforgiving vinatge arsenal of influences.

5. Das Dhoom: Poetry of Dhoom These Seattle world music mind-benders released a mindful, at times cinematic, adventure into the classic sound of India perfectly balanced with expansive bliss-filled digital landscapes. It's a 10-track journey into the mind of James Whetzel, who aside from being a classically trained sarod player, is also quite the music producer as heard in this fantastic new album.


Anonymous said...

Right with you there on Birdcloud. They are the shizzle for sure.

Jesse Codling said...

LOVE Birdcloud. Hopefully they hit the road in 2012, can't wait to see them live!

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