Never be afraid to speak up! and share your passions with others:  FYM was recently introduced to a new digital record called Sons By: Josh Tacke- a bright 18 year-old musician who recently graduated from Tacoma School of the Arts. We like Josh because he's a scene builder- Tacke co-founded an artist collective/label called SALT Records.

The album itself- Sons, is a 10-track exploration of youth traveling through the northwest darkness. The album features- slow and steady wins the race monotone vocal landscapes, paired with rock and rolling instrumental experimentation. One must listen to the entire record, to really appreciate how far Josh Tacke has traveled as a musician over the past year. Check out our favorite track off the album called Buried, below:

Just as found on Buried, this record is shimmering with honesty and glorious descriptive storytelling, with fresh (youth is king) perspectives on classic subjects such as life, love, and brotherhood. FYM had the chance to dig a bit deeper, and ask Josh a few questions- read the interview below:

FYM: What was it like being a child of the 90's?

Josh Tacke: As far as being a child of the 90's, the effect that growing up in that decade has had on me is totally unclear, and probably will be for another decade or so until I can look back from a historical perspective. I vaguely remember my parents talking about the Monica Lewinski scandal, experiencing the shocking vulgarity of Eminem for the first time (and loving it), and early Pixar movies, but at this point they are still just foggy memories that I don't have enough context to understand.

FYM: Tell me a little bit about Sons and why your recorded it.

Josh Tacke: Sons was recorded in it's entirety in my garage and on the 4th story of an old church in downtown Tacoma. Over the course of recording I became quickly very tired of playing all the instruments myself, so I made it a point to collaborate and work with many of my favorite local musicians who had and continue to inspire me. I also feel that a great artist can only be measured by how well he can get other musicians to help see and execute his artistic vision.

My goal in writing music is to create songs that sound and feel like they are honest and come from the soul. Many of my songs deal lyrically with really personal issues, and though it may come across rough, I still really believe in what I am singing, and I feel like that definitely comes across to the listener, especially in live settings.

I am intentionally economic with my songwriting. I just believe in saying what I need to say (either lyrically or musically) and then getting out. The songs Buried, Sons, and Walking Tall all tell the continuing story of two brothers. Brotherhood is a subject of serious interest to me, and I've been working it out through the story told in those songs.

FYM: What's SALT Records all about?

Josh Tacke: I find a great deal of musical inspiration in my fellow graduated Tacoma School of the Arts songwriters. We have created a culture of healthy competition, where we are all constantly writing new songs and bouncing ideas off one another. SALT Records is an artist collective/record label comprised of current and past SOTA songwriters. I started SALT Records with another classmate of mine in an attempt create an outlet for all the music that our friends were making. Over the past few months we have been releasing compilation CD's and playing SALT shows together in the Tacoma-Seattle area.

FYM: Any live performances set for this summer?

Josh Tacke: Our next major show is set for late July, where the SALT crew will be playing alongside the incredible Portland band- Drew Grow & the Pastor's Wives. I am also planning a CD release show in Tacoma for Sons.

FYM: What are your future plans/hopes/dreams as a musician?

Josh Tacke: As a musician and a songwriter, my ultimate goal is to share my music and ideas with as many people as possible. The music I write is extremely important and personal to me, and I feel a very strong desire to share it and have a conversation with people about it. Playing and sharing my music is essentially showing people a part of myself, asking them to sit with it, think about it, and try to understand it. It is just really important for me to get my creations out there.

A Special Thanks must be sent to Josh for reaching out to us (keep moving forward brother!). FYM is always in the mood to hear from people eager to share their creativity and passions with the world. Download Josh Tacke's entire digital record for free HERE. Cheers, FYM.

Words. Graphic. Photo. J Thomas Codling.


I Low said...

These are great questions and great answers. Fantastic read. Josh Tacke is my boi, and I can't wait to see where his life takes him. You're really wise to be hip to this so early in the game. I really don't see Tacke flagging any time in the near future.

- I Low

Jesse Codling said...

We were happy he reached out to us!

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