FYM's typeface of the week is Futura (a geometric sans-serif), created in 1927 by Typographer Paul Renner (commissioned by Bauer Type Foundry). This modern typeface was heavily inspired by the Bauhaus Design Movement (1919-1933) in Germany. This Art Director's design inspiration for  the graphic above is based on the 1939 New York World's Fair Futurama Exhibit. GM gave out pins and pocket tags to fair visitors both with the message 'I Have Seen The Future' -to promote the event.

FYM will be exploring the above mentioned typeface in each articles accompanying graphic we post this week. It's a new way to challenge our design skills, and graphically experiment with a cutting edge type, still ahead of it's time.We like to use Futura in a variety of weights, as a nice dynamic alternative to Helvetica. Check back throughout this week for more designs involving Futura. Cheers, FYM.

Thoughts on Futura. Graphic Design. Jesse Thomas Codling.

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