(FYM EDITORS NOTE: It would be hard for this Art Director to say he truly has reached  Boss Hog on Candy world-status, if he didn't own a pair of- one of a kind, 14k gold, diamond encrusted, reversible hand-engraved plugs, fitting perfectly in each ear. The man we speak of below was a part of making this happen, and we are endlessly grateful for his peerless champion of being a true artist of his craft!) 

Each first Thursday of every month in Seattle, one can find an evening of tireless art, music, and culture. On this special day, participating galleries, shops, and venues throughout the Seattle area (mainly focused in the Pioneer Square neighborhood) open their doors for an all access open house to introduce their new exhibitions from local, regional, and national artists.

(Harry Caldwell IV- "Green Man" 25mm $500 .925 Sterling Silver)

This Thursday, 07.06.2011, Core Gallery is opening the first solo show of formidable metal artist and engraver Harry Caldwell IV. The show, entitled "Engraved" showcases gorgeous selection of design and pattern cut into silver, gold, and steel.

Hand engraving creates a depth and definition in metal that can never be matched with machine engraving. This incredibly strategic and precise art is slowly becoming extinct. The invention of computer-aided engraving systems has made this a dying art. These systems can never replace the beauty and artistic personalized touch that comes through with hand engraving. Harry Caldwell IV is part of an elite group of artists fighting to keep this art alive.

An example of Harry's work can be seen in these 14k gold plugs (pictured above). Designed by FYM security guard, Emily Codling, she commissioned Harry to add the hand engraved finishing touches, as a gift for her husband, Art Director, J. Thomas Codling.

This first Thursday opening happens tomorrow, from 6-8PM @ Core Gallery, 117 Prefontaine Place South, Seattle USA. The show runs through the end of the month, with an artist reception Saturday, July 16th. Click HERE to view more of Harry's amazing work!

Cheers, FYM.

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