Written By: Los Angeles- Senior Writer, Will Sellers 
Graphic By: Seattle- Art Director, Jesse Codling

The first of a series of Matthew Friedberger albums to be released exclusively on vinyl in 2011 arrived in the mail yesterday several days ahead of its release date. Thanks are in order to Thrill Jockey Records for the speedy delivery and for being an open-minded enough record label to let one of its artists to partake in such an experiment on a grand of a scale as Friedberger's.

(Click on the image above for a larger version)

In case you missed the details in our 2011 Artists On the Horizon feature last month, Friedberger, one half of The Fiery Furnaces, is set to release a series of eight albums (and a pair of bonus releases), appropriately collectively titled Solos, over the course of 2011. The releases are only available on vinyl, limited to 700 copies each as a unit, with a few being sold individually in stores and on Thrill Jockey's site. Click HERE for more info on this $70 subscription series and for ordering information.

Each of the eight albums has its own title and will be composed of music performed by Friedberger's vocals and one different instrument for each album. For example, the first of these albums, Napoléonette, which can be seen in the image above, was recorded by Friedberger over three days in October 2010 solely using three studio pianos and his vocals. Listen below to the track "Shirley" featured on side A of Napoléonette:


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