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30 Seconds to Mars, and Sacramento California two-piece Middle Class Rut, performed live at the Paramount Theatre earlier this week in Seattle Washington USA.

The Paramount itself deserves mention, as it boasts one of the most gorgeous interiors this Art Director has ever been entertained in. Security was incredibly tight before, during, and after the event (they wouldn't even allow people with photo passes into the photo pit?!?).

FYM was shocked to see the next generation of concert goers SITTING on the floor waiting for the show to begin. Appropriately, we went into the concert feeling a bit uneasy. Are today's teens really that lazy... soon enough, Security gave signal (perhaps security made them sit? regardless it's ridiculous) for the floor-sitters to rise a few minutes before Middle Class Rut took stage.

And just like clockwork, Middle Class Rut came on at 7:30pm, with a rowdy young crowd just waiting for encouragement to run into each other.

The rough-edged sonic blade, that is the post-grunge, heavy alterna-rock genre still reigns King in Sacramento California. Middle Class Rut showcased Tuesday night, a well-crafted display of connected musicianship between guitarist Zach Lopez, and drummer Sean Stockham.

Stockham, definitely made a statement the young crowd could relate to that evening, with "For Sale" painted (tattooed?) across his chest. (Click picture above to expand). Their performance was rollin' steady, and well-lit (it was EXTREMELY bright on stage), garnering complaints from MC Rut of how exceptionally blinding it was.

The floor erupted when MC Rut performed their dark, heavy-hooked rocker New Low. These guys seemed to do everything in their power to make sure the crowd had a little sweat on their shirts before 30 Seconds To Mars came on.

Band: Middle Class Rut
New Album: No Name, No Color (Listen Here)

And then, with more drama than a broadway show, 30 Seconds to Mars
opened their set championing formidable branding. It was indeed a stage production, featuring the epic 30 Seconds to Mars symbol (a triangle with bar through the middle of it), providing ominous (kubrick-eque) ambience hovering in the background. Unlike the opening act, the performance was awash in low-lit atmosphere, with non-stop flash-bulb fury from hungry girls (and guys?) running the spectrum of age.

Jared Leto and crew played host to an enthusiastic group of true super-fan believers. We haven't seen so many people in the crowd wearing the shirt of the band they were going to see since attending a Nine Inch Nails concert.

Leto fed the rebellious-angst filled teen/tween fantasies by cursing to the heavens. He commanded the balcony (filled mostly with parents watching their kids run into each other on the floor) to stand exclaiming this is a fucking rock concert. Leto, now nearly 40, even called out a patron for being younger than him and having the gall to sit at his (Leto's) show.

Massive balloons filled the air just before the band went to encore. No matter what your preconceptions of their music is, Leto did not sit still until every last audience member got off with an entertaining time.

Leto even made a statement, turning the spotlights on the crowd, while waves of fans moved back and forth, challenging each other for a chance to show their bright faces to the frontman.

It was a concert filled with rock cliches: actor turned musician, the lead singer crowd walking, smoke and mirrors effects, rebellious good cop/bad cop frontman, a solo set from Leto taking song requests, repeated commandments in every song for the crowd to jump jump jump. If you want a true sense of how over the top their live shows are see video below:

But to the young kids in the audience, the true believers, this group pulled out all the stops at giving them the quintessential rock show experience. 30 Seconds to Mars did not emotionally move us by any means, but we indeed did leave the show feeling extremely entertained... And what's so wrong with that?

Band: 30 Seconds to Mars
New Album: This is War (Listen Here)



30 Seconds to Mars, Middle Class Rut- Bonus Photos:


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