(Graphic By: Jesse Codling, Words By: Senior Writer Will Sellers)

Last week, for Young Moderns was lucky enough to catch a stand-up comedy performance by the one and only Aziz Ansari at Los Angeles' legendary comedy spot The Improv.

Barely recognizable/newly slimmed-down The Price Is Right host Drew Carey dropped in as a surprise opening act that featured jokes so crude that you were amazed that this was the same guy who now hosts the classic game show once hosted by Bob Barker. Ansari's fellow NYC-to-LA friend and comedian Chelsea Peretti opened the show along with Carey, and all three comedians pretty much killed it all night. Check toward the bottom of this article for a clip of Peretti's standup.

In his young career, Aziz has been part of some great films and television. He had parts in the criminally underrated Funny People with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen and the 2010 Russell Brand film Get Him to the Greek. In our minds, Ansari's best work is on the brilliant and also underrated NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, where he plays small town government official/small town club promoter Tom Haverford.

After a bit of a hiatus, Parks and Recreation returns to NBC's Thursday lineup tonight at 9:30pm (in between The Office and 30 Rock). Ansari will continue his usual brilliant work along with the equally amazing Aubrey Plaza and Amy Poehler, and this season they will be joined by "new" cast members Rob Lowe and Party Down's hilarious Adam Scott.

Extra special attention should be paid to the show's true breakout character/star, Ron Swanson (played perfectly deadpan by Nick Offerman):

Swanson is the Director of the show's titular Parks and Rec Office. The All-American, full breakfast loving boss of the office steals every scene he's in, has many of the show's funniest lines, and the series' best episode to date is Swanson-centric (that would be season 2's "Ron and Tammy").

As a little of of a blast from the past, CLICK HERE check out this classic (and now difficult to track down) Human Giant video from way back in 2006, which made the rounds on the blogosphere back then and was arguably Aziz Ansari's first exposure to a wider audience outside of Human Giant. In the clip, Ansari plays Clell Tickle, ruthless indie band promoter and For Young Moderns role model:

And as mentioned above, here's a clip from a Chelsea Peretti performance:

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