Bouncy duel Thin-Lizzy guitar riffs, mixed with the effervescence of a 70's video arcade, Free Energy fired away on the loose Seattle scene.

Their music is a rare-breed of fist-pumping schools out for summer glorification. They are timely thoughtful scholars of vintage sound, bringing some much needed buoyancy to this drizzly grey town.

Leader of the pack, Paul Sprangers is the embodiment of what an irreproachable frontman should be. Something we haven't seen by a lead since witnessing Willie Nelson's crowd working skills. Sprangers continually pointed out audience members, making superior connections with the crowd. He even handed this art director the microphone (awesome) to help finish out a tune.

Free Energy pumped out every jam possible off their indisputable classic Stuck on Nothing. They brought the party to Seattle on this evening, with mounds of confetti, and guest appearances with tour-mates Hollerado.

We left their set inexplicably stunned with good vibes and smiles on our faces.

But let us not forget the openers Hollerado, who truly matched if not bettered Free Energy's performance.

Canada seems to be unstoppable in the export of amazing rock n' roll bands. Hollerado's Nixon and Menno battled each other in an awesome display of rock perfection.

The lead singer even found a way around the no alcohol on-stage rule in Seattle, by building a massive straw, and drinking out of fans cups!

Free Energy and Hollerado together, were a rare look at bands on tour actually enjoying themselves (not just a day job), bringing live music back to focus, with true fan interaction and endless entertainment.

Hollerado's drummer (pictured above on the right, singing back-up vocals for Free Energy) has to be called out for his intense sense of timing, and truly masterful skills at his craft. And the same can be said for Free Energy's rhythm section.

These dudes played their hearts out and produced an unforgettable evening for our crew. After seeing these two bands together, one wonders how insane it would have been seeing the original tour line-up with Foxy Shazam (who canceled this leg of the tour due to the lead singers eye being poked out).

Regardless, the evening was magical (and so was the venue). We leave you with a few bonus photos (taken by J Codling), because the party was too good not to show everything!

Cheers, FYM.

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