Chicago Hip Hop King Kanye West comes back strong with a Stanley Kubrickesque 34 minute champion of a film called Runaway:

Moving through a series of lush visual landscapes, West creates an unparalleled cinematic hip-hop experience. The solid accompanying soundtrack spread throughout his film showcases the best of his new material for the upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Love him, or hate him (we prefer love) Mr. West seems to be always pushing the cultural limits to his craft. His new album artwork featuring a nude painterly interpretation of Yeezy being straddled by an equally figurative light-skinned succubus, has brought throngs of publicity for its apparent censorship by some major music retailers.

FYM doesn't see what the issue is behind this controversy, since such epic nude paintings like Picasso's The Young Ladies of Avignon (featuring nude depictions of prostitutes) are considered masterpieces at MOMA.

Runaway is worth 34 minutes out of your day. His relentless honesty, and intimate lyrics cover not only this cocky public persona, but he also shares his deepest insecurities. West provides motivation for any artist to step up his or her game after watching this. That is why FYM has picked Runaway as our monthly REWIND pick, Cheers!