When it comes to whistling, Andrew Bird might have some competition from Suckers of New York City. They have been on the road quite a bit lately, and San Francisco was the perfect city to host this dynamic band. The trippy magic that these boys produce live can best be described as: early 80's Eno ideals, meets 90's church choir-crisp guitar sounds, while you watch your best friend listening to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack (with headphones) on psychedelics -enough said.

These boys are on French Kiss Records, the label who has put out The Dodos, The Local Natives, Passion Pit, and the solid list goes on... FYM was stoked for a good night!

"Before Your Birthday Ends" was definitely a notable jam to hear live. Featuring ambient, sprawling (in a good way) sonic bliss, with light  "ewwws" followed by "ohhhhs" peppered in throughout.

FYM's jam of the set had to be "It Gets Your Body Movin'" when performed live, this fantastic unified spirit overcame the crowd. Suckers epic mix of unconventional floating sound landscapes, with light confident, dizzyingly dramatic infused vocals- truly can only be understood live! Suckers couldn't have asked for better venue to really capture how good these guys can sound- as the show was held at FYM's favorite venue in San Francisco: Great American Music Hall. During the prancing keyboards that started out "Martha" Suckers hit their stride, making for a perfect moment to experience music, with the interior of GAMH being the picture perfect backdrop to the evening.

Suckers are on the road with Menomena through the next month, and then they're off to Europe. Make sure to snag their album WILD SMILE with possibly the best album artwork of the year!

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