Ever have one of those nights when two great artists are playing in your town (at different venues) and tough decisions need to be made on which show to follow.. Well sometimes just say what the fuck (Risky Business) and choose both! Which worked out perfectly for FYM last evening. The journey started out at California Academy of Sciences with FYM spotting an albino alligator (awesome) at the entrance.

On a chilly evening around 8:15pm Ricky Reed of Wallpaper. came out dressed to the nines looking like sexual (white) chocolate grindin' in front of the perfect backdrop (the building itself) to showcase his multimedia performance (synchronized videos play as a background to each song). There obviously had to be a birthday in the crowd and Wallpaper. dedicated "It's My Birthday" to his buddy Alex.

Wallpaper. preached on that when you can't make that call, to let that special someone know that you love them, you can always "Txt Me Yr Love" as all the cell phones in the crowd immediately went up in the air. Of course Wallpaper. played their single "I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted" which made people forget they were outside at a museum courtyard watching a concert, and more like they were hookin' up in the club.

Once Wallpaper. finished their set we said goodbye to the sleeping penguins at the museum, and jumped into a car en route to Popscene for The Hood Internet! The dynamic duo that is The Hood Internet started out as an uno this evening. But then Kid Static showed up, and took over the mic to treat everyone to the new single "Chi City" that they had worked on together. Though he was in San Francisco, the crowd was more than happy to sing along to the Midwest JAM. The Chicago pride kept strong through the evening with an R. Kelly mix as well.

Some definite highlights had to be the mix of Genesis VS Justice that would make fellow mashup artist Girl Talk cry in his sleep because it's soo good. There's nothing better than catching people in the crowd visually getting stoked on a mix that blows their mind.

It's always a tough thing to be entertained when you're watching someone behind a computer but these guys bossed up. The show wasn't at a traditional music venue, this was a nightclub which was made for dance parties. The greatest thing with mashups is putting the most random artists together such at the Dizzy Rascal mix with Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Wanna Fix Up" which had to be hilarious to name. We got our ode to Michael Jackson put together with Ratatat on "Billie Wildcat Jean".

FYM was completely spent on the evening, but being able to create your own concert by show hopping is easily one of the most fun things to do. Especially, in a town like San Francisco. Where you're always just a couple miles away from another music venue. The perfect time to do show hopping in SF is always during the Noise Pop Music Festival, so you can start training for it in the meantime. Wallpaper. is playing the Treasure Island Music Festival, that is put on by the folks of Noise Pop on October 16th. The Hood Internet just got confirmed for the Mr. Roboto Halloween Party at Mezzanine on October 30th, so start getting your costume ideas ready!

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