Rooney played last night at Slim's in San Francisco and I think every parent and their daughter knew about it. If you're short in stature like myself, then you were blessed to have no one blocking your view even if you were stuck at the back of the venue, a rare but great feeling. Rooney were ready to start from the get go with his first words being "Let me fucking hear you!", to keep everyone powering through the evening. You always hate being that person that wants a band to play the old stuff when they put out a brand new album and Rooney did a great job of pleasing their fans that had been there from the start. If you wanted to figure out who the fans were that were there from the start, all you had to do was see the 10 people that could actually buy drinks at the show. This had to be one of the easiest evenings for the Slim's security and wait staff this month.

Rooney managed a 2 song encore and peppered in tracks from their self titled release with Daisy Duke, If It Were Up To Me, Losing All Control, tracks from Calling the World featured When Did Your Heart Go Missing, I Should've Bee After You, Paralyzed and their most recent album Eureka covered songs such as Stars and Stripes, Not in My House, Don't Look At Me. Highlights were the final song which was I'm Shakin' which closed it out on an energetic note. The oddest song easily was Stars and Stripes which was a patriotic ballad that just was completely out of left field. Rooney has nothing but to be proud of and I'm sure they'll enjoy their journey without a major label now.