Today we celebrate the 3-year anniversary of forYoungModerns! FYM originated as a platform for three friends in three different cities to come together, and cover the best art, music, and culture on the West Coast. We decided to be a positive-based blog (covering only things we dig). We could have never imagined how much joy, love, respect, and life experiences we would receive from starting FYM.

Over the past 3 years we've seen 200+ live acts, and formed design relationships with some of our favorite bands. Pictured above is one of the coolest photos we've ever taken (Jonny Pierce of The Drums, Live at Neumos in 2010). Starting FYM has also led to incredible life changing opportunities, and a platform to create design work on our terms.

Jesse Codling would like to thank Nick Codling (his publicist and brother for life), + our Los Angeles connection Will Sellers (for coming on board at the beginning and being the best writer we've ever had).

Other shout outs go to the bands that have believed in us, and wanted design work from us (pictured above FYM on site for the Campfire OK When You Have Arrived Music Video Shoot). -Wayfarer, American Dust, Campfire OK, Pickwick, Theoretics, Mary Lambert,  RayLand Baxter, Shakin' Michael J, Zion-I, Kris Orlowski, James Whetzel, The Cellar Door, ZIIBRA & Neumos music venue in Seattle.

Above is our 400th design post for FYM. It's for one of our favorite bands in Seattle -Pickwick. We recently put together a tour design package for them involving 3 postcards, 1 tour poster, and 1 beer coaster. Check out their brilliant music video for Lady Luck -the first single off their new album Can't Talk Medicine below:

Lady Luck (the music video) is a stunning black and white visual accomplishment. It features a cinematic punchline at the end, making the song that much better, altering your perspective on the tunes narrative forever. Catch Pickwick on tour this summer!

I would like to thank my wife Emily (pictured above with YACHT) for supporting me throughout the development of this site. Each article comes with a 400x600 pixel piece of digital art. I spend a lot of time on my posters, which means less time with my boo. But even from the beginning, she pushed me to pursue my passion and dreams. I would also like to thank my parents Tom and Judy, for being my biggest fans. Here's to another wonderful year. Cheers, FYM. They Live!