The final day of Bumbershoot 2011 turned out to be our favorite of the weekend. It was a day full of local favorites, classic artists, and standout show stopping surprises. Covered below are the artists (for one reason or another) that made day three so special forYoungModerns.

My Goodness continues to be one of the most impressive up and coming bands Seattle has to offer. Monday FYM had the chance to see this fiery Capitol Hill duo rock-out Seattle Center's Exhibition Hall Stage.

Although the comparisons to The White Stripes are undeniable, who cares... Jack White has retired that moniker -My Goodness fills the void, satisfying our craving for white boy blues with a punk edge. Learn more about their music HERE.

Speaking of musicians from Detroit -Let's get funky Motown guitar Legend DENNIS COFFEY owned Monday afternoon with a lengthy set of his signature sound. Get a feel of where COFFEY is coming from below:

DFA Records -YACHT wowed FYM on day three. For us, it was the best performance we saw allll weekend! Frontwoman Claire L. Evans carries an insatiable presence on stage -paired with her male sonic cohort Jona Bechtolt (pictured below) Yatch is an unstoppable music entity live.

What separated YACHT from the rest of the 25 plus bands we saw over the three days of Bumbershoot 2011 -was their intense joy that beamed throughout the entire set.

This band plays like they mean it, and looked incredibly happy to be there on that day, which ultimately carried over into an amazing performance.

As seen above, and a testament to exactly how coool this band is -YACHT seemed unafraid to live in the moment and embrace spontaneity. In between songs the band fielded questions from the audience, and one dude asked if he could come up on stage.

YACHT appeased his request and moments later the flood gates opened with 15-20 people following suit joining the band on stage for an all out dance party version of their jam Tripped and Fell in Love. Everything worked out all the fans were very respectful of the musicians, and a beautiful moment was created! Much thanks goes out to YACHT for making our weekend!

Doug Benson brought his podcast Doug Loves Movies to all three days of Bumbershoot 2011. We were lucky enough to snag tickets early on Monday -as all three performances ended up selling out. Pictured above, Benson hands a lucky audience member a gigantic stolen jar of salsa as a prize..

The format consisted of Doug inviting his comedian friends on stage to make fun of shitty movies currently in theaters and play trivia games with his guests (it felt like a funnier version of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me).

We thought our last show of the night would be Hall & Oates, but literally two songs into their set we realized 80's yacht rock was not in our appetite for the evening. So instead FYM went with an old standby we knew would be good. Pictured above The Reverend Horton Heat dominated as usual under the shadow of the Space Needle closing out our Monday evening. A special thanks goes out to One Reel and Seattle Center for hosting such a great weekend of art, music and comedy. (Editors Note: The photos below once clicked on will expand for greater detail.)

Bumbershoot Day Three Bonus Photos: