FYM REWIND: 18 AGAIN! (1988)

Looking for an awesomely bad 80's movie to watch this evening? Netflix Instant is now streaming the 1988 body-switching classic- 18 Again! staring Charlie Schlatter and George Burns.

(Plot) A terrible car accident involving 18 year-old David Watson (Shlatter), and his 81 year-old Grandfather Jack (Burns), leads the two into a spirit-swapping conundrum. As the grandson lays dormant (coma) unaware in grandpa's body, the plot quickly thickens as Burns take his new younger body out for a spin (hilarity ensues).

This campy 80's masterpiece features love interest- Jennifer Runyon (the blonde pictured above) possibly most well-known for her role as Dr. Peter Venkman's psychic test subject (say 8 o'clock) in Ghostbusters.

This was an interesting time in cinema as 18 Again! was one of 5 movies boasting a similar body-swapping storyline (Big, Vice Versa, Like Father Like Son, and Dream a Little Dream) all released right around the same time period. We suggest starting with this one, 18 Again! on Netflix Instant, with low expectations and a taste for B-Movie bliss, you might just enjoy yourself. Cheers, FYM.

Movie Review. Graphic. J Thomas Codling