SPOILER ALERT!!! Yes, you better believe that an article that ranks the best moments from Lost is 100% filled with spoilers. Please skip this article if you absolutely don't want the story of Lost to be spoiled for you in any way. You've been warned.

Tonight marks exactly one year since the great television series Lost came to an end. Lost was a once-in--generation show that somehow combined everything great about a good science fiction TV show (or any kind of show for that matter). It had plenty of elements of action, adventure, romance, incredible characters, tons of mystery, and, most of all, one of the most head-spinningly complex plots ever told, one that spanned centuries and frequently jumped back and forth through time.

News this week that several Lost-wannabe shows like V and The Event were cancelled just puts even more emphasis on how special this show was and how unlikely that something on this scale will ever be reproduced for a long time.

Ever since the show concluded, I've been tempted to compile a list of my favorite moments from the show, and after taking a while compiling a list that expanded to well over 100 scenes, I was able to reduce it to 60 scenes.

So, why 60? Why not 10? Lost is far too expansive to be limited to just ten or twenty greatest scenes. Why not 42 or 50? 42 would have been clever, but I had too difficult of a time doing less than sixty, so that seemed like a good number to be. Some of these moments ranked 51 - 60 are far too important to leave off this list. Without further ado, Click HERE to read my top 60 greatest Lost moments.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

whew! loved this. thanks for sharing all your favourite moments... i miss this show so much!

Emelia G. said...

Great post, found myself in tears the smaller the numbers got. I guess it's time to go back and re-watch the show. Though I know my heart will break multiple times, again. Totally worth it. Thanks.

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