There's always been one ballpark that I haven't visited that has been on my to do list for years, and that's Boston's own Fenway Park.  Luckily during a flight layover, with perfect timing, FYM was able to pay a homage to this undying landmark.

That evening, Jared Weaver was lined up to pitch for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Clay Buchholz was due to pitch against the best pitcher in baseball who had a .99 ERA before the day began. Arriving upon Fenway is pretty much like seeing the Disneyland of ballparks. Everything just seems perfect-  the Boston accents, the Big Papi dog stand, plus it's impossible not to appreciate all the die hard Bo Sox camaraderie!

Before you even enter the stadium there are photo ops at almost every corner.  At one end you're on the outside of The Green Monster, another side and you're at the parking lot from the big shoot out in The Town (movie).

Tickets weren't sold out for the night when FYM hit the Box Office, and the cheapest seats for the evening were $25. We decided on tickets in the Right Field Grandstand for $30- After that tickets jumped to $55.

The game started out slow but lit up in the 7th inning with Big Papi otherwise known as David Ortiz hitting a home run over The Green Monster. Adrian Gonzalez doubled to deep center hitting The Green Monster as well.

If Take Me Out to the Ball Game didn't get everyone going in the 7th inning then in the 8th inning it sure worked. FYM had always known that Sweet Caroline was a favorite of the Red Sox and we managed to sing along which almost seemed like we were doing karaoke.

Heading to Fenway Park should definitely be on your to do list, and the weather will be perfect through September for sure.  Grab a Steak and Cheese sandwich and a Smithwick's to get you through the game.  Fenway Park is a stadium to be treasured.

Cheers!  FYM

Words. Photos. Nick Codling
Graphic. J Thomas Codling

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