EDITOR'S NOTE: Almost a year ago now, video footage FYM Art Director J Thomas Codling filmed for recording artist ALASKAS went missing overseas (Codling's International Art Gallery partner mistakenly took the wrong external hard drive on a trip across the world). But recently, after many months of waiting, the hard drive and missing footage returned to the FYM HQ doorstep. Immediately upon its arrival Codling went to work- editing, and layering until the final product was complete. This article is part one of a two part feature FYM is doing on this tremendous artist. 

He is one of the most original performers FYM has ever seen live. His commitment to sonic creativity is peerless. The Senator of Sound- Dillon James Rego is ALASKAS. 

A little over a year and a half ago- Art Director J Thomas Codling was first introduced to Dillon Rego by FYM publicist Nick Codling. A few weeks later he had the chance to see Rego perform live under his recording moniker ALASKAS. The following are Codling's thoughts on the project/artist:

I've honestly never seen anyone play music quite like Dillon does. He a formidable one-man orchestra of passion for the 21st Century. Using his  signature vocal looping techniques, along with ambient guitar riffs, and drumming patterns- Rego transcends the norm, creating something truly original while performing live.

After seeing ALASKAS live for the first time, I knew I had to creatively collaborate with this character. So I asked if I could follow him around for a day and shoot some footage, that would eventually turn into a video for a tune off his then, new release Set Yourself Free

FAST FORWARD: I recently had the chance to conduct an online interview with Dillon in preparation for the FYM DESIGN: Video Premiere, ALASKAS- I Am Yours. Here is a snippet from the interview (which will be shown in-full tomorrow, in part two of this FYM feature). 

FYM: Could you tell us a little bit about how you came upon that amazing guitar riff, and the meaning for you behind the lyrics of the song, I Am Yours?

Dillon James Rego: I definitely had the drum beat and rhythm for that first, then the guitar riff kinda just came to me with my hands instantly. I was full of energy, ready to burst out into the world. I think that's what comes across melodically with the guitars.

All of the lyrics to 'Set Yourself Free' were written to be a cohesive album together. This song is a chapter of the full story of, well, freeing my damn self. This chapter starts out waking suddenly, feeling the regrets of the nights that have passed. 

On the sidewalk, realization comes with the awakening. Ready for a positive change in my life, I see my regrets and send them off to the sea. Feeling reborn and holy, I pray to the sun and the daylight and ask it to bless my body. Photosynthesis/Rebirth. I know to whom I belong: not the nights prior (mistakes and regrets), but the daylight the sun shines on me (progress, future, current).

forYoungModerns Design, Premieres ALASKAS- I Am Yours:

FYM urges you to check back tomorrow for part two, as we share our exclusive interview with the man behind the moniker, and his unparalleled recording plans for this April. For now take the time to visit his website: www.DillonJamesRegoIsAlaskas.com