FYM Editor's Note: A few weeks ago, a new FYM contributor in San Francisco, attended the Hollerado, Gang of Four performance live at The Fillmore. FYM was so impressed by the article we have dug it back out of our February show archive with additional photos, to relive the unforgettable evening again. Here's what Hang had to say: 

Our Favorite show of February 2011- The high-energy Canadian rock n' roll heroes Hollerado took stage and made their presence felt, as they opened for the Legendary Gang of Four, live at The Fillmore in San Francisco, USA. Hollerado was so tremendous that what started out as a biased audience, waiting for the headliners to arrive, turned into people leaving the bar area, and gathering towards the front to hear these guys rock! 

The extremely spirited lead singer Menno Versteeg continually commanded the stage throughout Hollerado's impressive set. 

The band ripped through most of their latest album Record In A Bag (An FYM HQ set of tunes that consistently haunts our speakers). 

The jams- Americanarama and Juliette seemed to be the two songs that really won over the 40-something predominately male audience (all of which seemed to be sporting the same look: salt+pepper hair, tight jeans, and leather jackets) Check out Hollerado's video for Juliette below:

Bottom line: Hollerado held their own and played hard enough to win over the masses of dedicated Gang of Four fans in the audience that evening.

After Hollerado's set, the crowd was getting tighter towards the front. Feeling the anticipation, FYM could hear groups of friends discussing if Gang of Four was going to play their classics, or just most of the new album. As they walked on stage, we did notice the band had replaced two members (Dave Allen and Hugo Burnham) with two younger blokes (new bassist and drummer). 

However, the crowd went crazy when Jon king (original singer) and Andy gill (original guitarist) went on stage. Gang of Four, started out the night with their latest hit, You'll Never Pay For The Farm. Jon King got the crowd going, working all areas of the stage while doing his signature dance (both hands held together over his head moving them up and down, then thrusting the air in front of him violently).

The set list consisted of half new songs from Content- the other half were classic jams from Entertainment! and Solid Gold. The highlight of the night was near the end of the show, when FYM realized you can't be at a punk show, and not destroy shit! King brought out an old dirty microwave on stage- while members started playing the beginning parts of To Hell And Poverty. King- bat in hand, started to pound on the old microwave. As King preceded to beat it, he also created music with it. The crowd went berserk!

The microwave had no chance, and Andy Gill's sunburst Fender Strat didn't either, because he broke that when they played Anthrax right after. Gang of Four pleased the crowd by doing not one, but two encores- ending of course with, I Love A Man In Uniform and Damaged Goods.

After the show, as we looked around the dirty floors with beer and trash everywhere, FYM reflected on what just happened. Coming to the realization that the energy Gang of Four brings to the stage is what it takes to make you feel like you were just transported to a dirty basement punk show in 1980. Fucken rad.

Cheers to Hollerado and Gang of Four giving FYM one unforgettable evening! Check out their websites below for more information:

Graphics/Photo Edits: J. Thomas Codling
Thoughts: Hang Vongsouvanh
Photos: Ben Hanson