So how much does coffee cost in The Matrix (seattle)? Well for FYM's morning time staple it costs $2.70 for an "iced grande, no-room Americano" (to be said in that word order at Starbucks, otherwise the staff will correct you as they shout your order into the caffeinated abyss where your drinks are manufactured). But it seems as of late, Starbucks image has grown stale. Last year, FYM read in a local Seattle periodical, that this Empire was setting up shop in disguise (pretending to be cute indie coffee shops) in the hippest parts of their hometown.

As pictured above, Starbucks has decided to reinvent their brand again in 2011. The Starbucks creatives must think their company branding can sit with the likes of Recording Artist Prince, (taking his cue eliminating typography), and just going by a symbol (as pictured below).

Our once brave, chest baring lady (logo), has over the years grown shy. But now the quintessential coffee girl, takes center stage, becoming 'bucks new icon catapulting company into the next decade.

As craft brew indie coffee shops flourish,  this new logo is a confident move by 'bucks- sending publicity back to the giant. Check out CEO Howard Schultz explaining the new move:

As the globalization of the American economy continues to diversify across the planet, Starbucks is gearing up, as most brands will, evolving into  - nameless, yet recognizable corporate faces. But from a design stand point, Starbucks has officially declared themselves the boss of coffee. Words no longer need to describe how good their coffee is, right? At least it's an intelligent move, unlike the Gap trying to reinvent themselves last year with disastrous results: (a total publicity stunt, as they are now back to their original design)

But maybe that's the point in the never-ending consumer attention getter game... The Gap released the heinous logo above, and reinvigorated brand loyalty with their old consumers (as everyone was dumbfounded by this CS1 era Photoshop work).

Starbucks will get a ton of press off their latest move, with the press glorifying consumers coping with change, but eventually we will return to The Matrix, and loyally order our 'Iced Grande, No-Room, Americano' and consume again, (worry free) without a thought about the image we promote on the streets daily.

(support your local coffee house, but what if the Empire lives in your backyard and is your local coffee house?)



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