Way out West there is this fella I wanna tell ya about. Goes by the name of Jeff Dowd. It pains me to say how jealous this Art Director is of our Publicist Nick 'Way to go Donnie!' Codling currently. Flying on Virgin America today, Nick was able to meet one of FYM's heroes (what's a hero anyway) Jeff "THE DUDE" Dowd, (that's right THE ACTUAL DUDE Jeff Bridges character in The Big Lebowski was based off of, and inspiring member of the Seattle Seven).

Unlike past sightings, Nick actually landed the photo this time (pictured above, with the White Russian Nick got him). The Dudes legacy still abides, giving hope and inspiration to all the young dudes across America to keep on, keeping on.

Dowd today continues to be a major player/writer/producer in Hollywood. It's cool to see a guy famous and sooo relatable for just being, well a Dude. So this Jam of the Day goes out to the El Duderino himself, Jeff 'THE DUDE' Dowd. Sometimes there's a man.. Sometimes... there's a man. It's a jam written by David Bowie, that Ian Hunter and Mott The Hoople rock out.

'All The Young Dudes'

Check out The Dudes website for current info on all of this projects HERE. Dude if you're out there, this Art Director would love to buy you a drink in Seattle tonight.



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