Last Friday, on a chilly October evening Broken Social Scene performed live at Seattle's Paramount Theatre. At first look FYM was impressed with the massive (very well-dressed) audience, and their true affection for this Canadian music collective.

Shortly after opening with soaring versions of Capture the Flag/KC Accidental, Broken Social Scene's ring leader Kevin Drew (clearly feeling under the weather) jumped off stage and came into the audience asking for the crowd to provide him some much needed positive energy. And from then on, Broken Social Scene powered through nearly two and a half hours of climatic paintings described through sound.

The stylish attire of Andrew Whiteman complimented his sonic contributions throughout the set. The whole crew looked classic, as they provided an overwhelming presence of 10 members strong playing perfectly in-time on stage.

Strength in numbers is apparently the Canadian way, and it works. These ten multi-instrumental talents  performed a number of tunes off Broken Social Scene's latest contribution Forgiveness Rock Record. Live, this group works through a bevy of emotional testimonies like a close loving family.

Broken Social Scene play as an art collective with interchanging parts, welcoming spontaneity, when inspiration strikes.

Kinetic versions off of 2002's masterpiece You Forgot it in People cut at the heart, with precision and sincerity. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl was prime example how this group can build such emotional cadence, off simple meditative fractions.

Their moving set of atmospheric sound, and unabashed loyalty to each other makes Broken Social Scene one of the most unique acts we have ever seen live. The Paramount Theatre dripping in opulence, paired perfect with the artful soundtrack being performed.

If you haven't seen these pros live, please do. Their dynamic energy is a force that shoots right through you. We walked out happier than when we came in, thanks to Broken Social Scene's kindness in sharing, our fires continue to burn true.

(Bonus Shots: FYM Broken Social Scene Photos from The Paramount Theatre Taken/Edited By Jesse Codling)

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