According to For Young Modern's elite analytical statistics team, we do get a few visitors from Europe every now and then, and very recently something has come to our attention that makes us a little envious of our transatlantic friends. Haunting Los Angeles (via Madison, Wisconsin) siren Zola Jesus (real name Nika Roza Danilova) has a couple of albums out, but her recent work on a pair of EPs have her on repeat here at FYM.

The brand new EP Valusia and an EP from March called Stridulum are both out now on Sacred Bones Records, but a European-exclusive release called Stridulum II combines both of these EPs (minus one Valusia track, "Poor Animal"), making it essentially a nine track, thirty-three minute album, and one of the absolute best and most original of the year, at that.

If you happen to visit Europe this fall or winter, and have a habit of checking out record stores wherever you do (I know I do), keep your eyes peeled for Stridulum II, as any North American Zola Jesus fan would be especially envious that you own it. Or, if you have a little bit of extra money in the bank at the moment, you can import it today at CDWow.us.

Check out the Poltergeist-themed music video for the majestic Stridulum II song "Sea Talk":

And also take a listen to the dramatic/cinematic Zola Jesus track "Manifest Destiny", also on Stridulum II: