FYM's Art Director celebrated his 27th (YEAR OF THE ROCKSTAR) birthday Friday evening in Seattle. 

The Union Line started by stunning us with Pearls featuring: melodic drama, bellowing Fred Flintstone rhythms, mixed with angelic harmonies, and church choir ambiance from sad endings to 1970's after-school specials.

The Union Line live convey a perfect balance of spontaneity mixed with serious musicianship. They are the type of band who could easily haunt any David Lynch movie soundtrack. It's unbelievable bands such as The Union Line still exist in a free floating limbo, roaming the United States unsigned to any sort of record label. They set the standard for the evening that was hard to top. 

Keeping the Showbox crowd enamored, The Love Language produced a hypnotic wall of sound. Mixing classic lush (cocktails at sunset) rhythms, with hopeful vocal hubbub. 

Duel gender vocals made songs like Summer Dust float perfectly into the sea of fans coasting along to The Love Language Friday evening. 

Stuart McLamb works best with a solid group backing him, and this team worked spot on crafting live jams off of their summer release Libraries

McLamb and crew left stage to a frenzy of fans wanting more tunes. It was indeed a passionate response to all the hard work they left on stage. Check out Libraries NOW.

The Local Natives closed FYM's monumental birthday evening! We were stoked when Local Natives played their formidable cover of Talking Heads Warning Signs seen below. 

The audience connected with the band in a special way last evening. The crowd formed constant waves grooving throughout the floor. All three bands showed what great things can happen when you play with a top-notch rhythm section. Local Natives seemingly always understand the dynamic of telling a story through their tunes, holding back fiery sonic triggers of love, and melody... finding strength to pull the trigger releasing this energy at just the right moment. 

Local Natives affirmed that creating elegant hooks filled with harmonies, and school yard chants combined- make for an excellent mix of sound. 

Put on their latest release Gorilla Manor HERE!

(FYM thanks The Love Language for giving us some birthday adventures we soon will not forget!)