A few weeks back, FYM's publicist was in Seattle paying his Art Director a visit, when he introduced me to an incredibly talented inspiration of a human being. Aaron Van Lieu. (hit us up to get in contact with him)

Art is always a touchy subject to talk about. But this kid is for REAL. Which is abundantly clear in his artist statement. He represents the best parts of being alive. He is a perfect example of when you create something for yourself, doing it on your own, beautiful things can come about.


We also asked Aaron to give us a few words to share with the public (since this is the first time his work has ever been covered) Here is what he had to say:

I'm California born and bred so I feel that has a lot to do with my style. I was definitely influenced by what Northern California had to offer me and I took full advantage of it. Growing up, I was immediately attracted to being outdoors and observing the motion and patterns of the native wildlife (including the people who lived around me). The interaction of people and wildlife is something I always respected, and wanted for myself. It's nice to have a harmony. So I reflect that in a lot that I do. 

Both of my parents (one a mushoom hunter from Michigan, the other a seamstress from South Korea) encouraged my brother and I to work on our passion for art from a very young age. 

I have never had any formal training for drawing, It's just something that I always did to pass the time for fun or as a form of meditation. I never attended a formal "Academy o'Fart" school or even took art classes for that matter. My technique is all my own without any outside influence from others (constructive criticism and non constructive alike).

To me, creating is just going with the flow of my natural biorhythm. Some days I pump out piece after piece, months on end. Then on some, I just sit in bed and eat greasy ass cheeseburgers and watch. But after every lull in my work I come back more aggressive. My apatite for ink and pencil, more insatiable. As cliché as it sounds, it's like being born again. I challenge myself. I push the limits of my power of observation and my gift of a steady hand to do something greater. Something I've never done before.

Yes, today IS a great day for a Cheeseburger, but no. Sir, I think I'll have the Baby du Jour instead (no tomatoes).


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