Masts of Manhatta Sounds Like: nervous nights and dirty daydreams, energy dynamics surpassing anything in contemporary pop music, stories of devilish joy and discovery, on two sides of town.. focusing in learning experiences. 

We are happy to say Masts of Manhatta, Tracy Bonham's new album, was just brought to FYM's listening table. Let go of the rock, and float down stream, as Tracy Bonham furnishes musical vineyards with lush textures, track by track, floating in a river of storied souls. This album is stripped down, loose, yet polished with a clean coat of vocal Bonham bliss. 

This could indeed be... Bonham's best work yet! Where one track ends, another story begins, taking the listener on an emotional journey through multiple layers of musical instrument prowess.

There is no label pressure coming through the speakers while listening to Masts of Manhatta. The music feels sincere and organic, like this is coming from her (and not the higher-ups type of sound). Which means this album is a freeing experience, that can be listened to multiple-times. (discovering new textures with each listen) 

Masts has perfect moments of peppering in the 90's forgotten, despondently hopeful chorus sound. (As found in You're My Is-ness) Bonham is rolling through Seattle soon. You will find FYM singing along to the new Masts of Manhatta (particularly Devil's Got Your Boyfriend, and Big Red Heart) jams at the Sunset Tavern, September 9th 2010, Seattle Washington USA. We suggest you do the same. 


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