FYM respects the power of MUSTACHE men (and women). May we present this beautiful piece of work "Mustache Legends."

Featuring: Charles Bronson, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Chuck Norris (in the crowd) with that mailman from the old television series Cheers.

So which Mustache Legend would win in a fight? FYM has 12-1 odds on the Bandit. We just can't see the Hawaiian- Shirt wearing P.I. taking down Cannonball Runner Burt Reynolds. And of course Bad/Ass/Boss/Hog Charles Bronson would destroy everyone if given the chance, hence he was chosen to referee.

For good measure, check out Bronson in one of his finest fight scenes. And for bonus points go to ancient punk rock demos, and download the 90's midwest thrash of Charles Bronson (the band).



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Anonymous said...

Bronson fights dirty. Ball grabbing? Uncalled for

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