Hey Champ deliver a neon-dripping, sexy amalgam of 1980's artifice on Star (available on Townie Records, Seattle WA). FYM's standout track, "Shake" features a mountain of rapid-fire keyboard pageantry. Star begs to be played while sailing Lake Michigan, dancing in a room full of money, mirrors, and rumors. 

These dudes from Rockford (that's in Illinois) have also created one of the most bizarrely-magnificent music videos for their single Neverest.

Just like the video for Neverest, Star catches you off-gaurd like an 80's dark comedy (we prefer Heathers). Their brand of electro power-pop can comfortably sit next to bands like the Greenskeepers (the infamous Chicago DJ Duo) and Junior Boys. If you have ever seen the movie Funny Games (american version) you will know where these guys are coming from. 

Check out their site for free downloads, including FYM's jam "Shake"

Band: Hey Champ *

Album: Star

Cred: Dolphin Boobs

Sounds Like: Broken spirits dancing to neon shadows of affection. 

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