Pinball is one of the best sports ever invented, yes I just called pinball a sport. Any time you can drink and be an athlete, it's a good day. Bowling? Awesome. Darts? Amazing. Rebel 8 and PBR are putting on the 1st Annual Ball Busters Pinball Tournament tomorrow at Guerrero Gallery with free refreshments and the El Tonayense Taco Truck is going to be on hand. 330 Ritch, Live 105, Bender's, Fecal Face, and 111 Minna staff are all going to be involved in the tournament along with many more.

There will be 200 limited edition shirts for the event and posters for the event cost $20. Everything gets started at 6pm and goes until midnight. So pick out your favorite team and support a good cause as it's for the Keep A Breast Foundation. Shane King and DJ Design will be playing music along with Mike Giant doing live painting.

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