Imaad Wasif opened the show and we're pretty sure he was floating in a thick cloud of smoke. One of his early comments was that he thought the ceiling of the Fox Theater was an acid flashback of his and he also believes that a song of his got him kicked out of a cult. This man has friends in high places and you can't argue that when he played guitar for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and opened for The Raconteurs as well as having Lykke Li make a cameo on a song of his. He managed to put everyone in a comfortable zone for The Dodos and The Fox Theater seem'd like the perfect gem for him. We managed to catch him at the merchandise booth between sets and he was as kind as ever and talked about how colors equal sounds. This man is a treat and meant to be seen live.

The bay area's Dodos were up next and after seeing them 4 times prior, we couldn't help but to be excited. The boys started off with a few new songs of which was "Fables" which gets in some solid shouts and then went into their classics of "Red and Purple" as well as their song made popular by Miller Chill "Fools". Their set left us enjoying their new album, but believing that their preview album "VISITER" is going to be a tough time to be out done.

When The New Pornographers came out, they had a backdrop that was a bit reminiscent of Weezer's W that is usually behind them. Neko Case came out earlier in the evening and had a cameo with The Dodos, doing a simple back up vocals for them. At times, you almost forget that AC Newman and Neko who did work with Jakob Dylan, actually have their own band that got them to where they are. If you haven't caught their set. This is what you should expect.
Set List
Sing Me Spanish Techno
Up In the Dark
Myriad Harbour
Crash Years
The Laws Have Changed
Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
Adventures in Solitude
Twin Cinema
Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
All the Old Showstoppers
Go Places
Your Hands (Together)
Execution Day
My Shepherd
Use It
Silver Jenny Dollar
Mass Romantic
Bleeding Heart Show
Slow Descent into Alcoholism
Testament to Youth in Verse


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