As FYM rolled up to the main stage Saturday at Capitol Hill Block Party, we were expecting to see !!! bringing their discotheque pain. Instead, FYM was greeted with a cloud of green smoke rising up from the audience, and harmonious tunes that would make Levon Helm stoked to hear.

Of course this band turned out to be Blitzen Trapper. (Blonde Redhead canceled due to being boring) FYM has had a love/hate relationship with BT over the past two years. Their band name drives us crazy! Blitzen Trapper sounds like it should be a nazi-killing World War II superhero found in Inglorious Bastards. But on several occasions, our ears have perked-up at an unfamiliar tune on NPR, which turns out to be a jam by Blitzen Trapper. 

Lead singer Eric Earley, looking like a young Bruce Springsteen, busted through mostly new tunes off BT's latest album Destroyer of the Void, (which can be heard for free here) on SubPop records. It was a pleasant surprise to catch their tight set. And we can't wait to see them in a more intimate setting, low-lit smokey bars, is where this stoney-fest needs to be heard.

Sounds Like: If Neil Young, Jeff Tweedy, The Band, Elvis Costello, CSNY, and David Bowie,  all found themselves at the same party (and fucked) their sound-baby would be Portland's own Blitzen Trapper

It was also nice to see Erik Menteer, getting some beautiful lady-fan respect after the show!

As the smoke cleared from the Portland Trail Blazing Blitzen Trapper set, a friendly security guard cooled down the audience. And as the sunset sank behind the main stage, everyone geared up for the dance party to come!

Nic Offer (!!! frontman) worked the main stage like a gentlemen in short-shorts should. Offering up a performance everyone at  The Cuff would think was fabulous. (and we hope Nic keeps the short hair!) If there is a band that sums up the vibe of Capitol Hill/Block Party, it would have to Chk Chk Chk. The eclectic neighborhood/band are both fabulous, too hip for their own good, dangerous and dancey. FYM had a great time dancing the nite away!

!!! Sounds Like: It takes two to make you feel alright- dynamic, electro, dance-punk.

(all photos by FYM: j codling)


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